Conceptual Sheet of Statutory Specifications, by Daniela BERNDT

Leaving the Statu(te)s Quo

After six years of a publication phase (2013-2018) completed with a conclusive proof of feasibility, the time is right to seal the global meta-reporting perimeter by creating the legal entity which will enable me, as the legitimate author and holder of all moral and financial rights upon the NetPlusUltra® web concept solution, to endow myself with a legal personality both distinct from me as a natural person, and entirely dedicated to the delivery of my web services.
Accordingly, the twofold purpose of this conceptual specifications module is to enable the pre-audit of existing statutory provisions and requirements (1), with a view to conceptually squaring the virtuous problem-solving cycle thereto.
The consultation of the access-restricted statutory specifications sheet of this website is reserved for experts duly solicited and authorized within the context of the underlying instruction of my request for funding, and therefore requires prior registration through one of my contact forms (2, 3).
With regard to my conceptual prerequisites, it is advisable, before diving into the subject matter at hand, to take a little detour through my other Specsfolios, since the latter are also dedicated to what remains to be implemented in a multisite environment (4 to 7).
Daniela BERNDT
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